About Me

A Magician. An Inventor. A Media Maker. A Curator

The technology to tell stories in new ways, and the technology for audiences to engage storytelling in new ways is driving the way information is organized, published and shared on the internet. Technology is an exhilarating, fast-moving, evolving idea that addresses two parallel trends: the explosive growth in data, and our need to be able to find information incoherent, reasonably contextual collections.


No one doubts that we’re shifting, as author Clay Shirky says, from an era of content scarcity to one of content abundance. And while that seems, on one hand, bountiful, it’s also changing how content is discovered.

To – embrace new diverse voices. Not just one kind of content. All kinds of content. Shortform, long-form, user-generated, authentic, big budget, no budget.

Use the tools you know, explore and experiment with platforms that are new and emerging. Video is going to change how we teach, how communities work, how consumers are given solutions, media is made and shared.

My Work

The projects I've been working on.

From Artificial Intelligence, Truth in the hands of Robots- the future is right around the corner

I’m a digital builder

Magnify Steve

I like to look closely at things, and then make important things bigger.


What People Say About Me.

I don’t expect acolades, but from some people i’ve worked with, i’m proud to share them.

"We're all dealing with a world that's feeding us Too Much Info. It all comes down to trust. Steve Rosenbaum knows this. Together we can help one another manage information overload."


"My friend Steve Rosenbaum was ahead of the curve. He predicted digital overload, and prescribed Curation at the cure.


Steve Rosenbaum is just what the doctor ordered. Curation AND Creation of content go arm and arm, to make content more coherent and relevant.”


My Services

How can I help?

For ideas about to burst on the scene,  I provide the glue to get them connected. For larger companies, looking to be looking around corners, i’m a tour guide.  Lot’s of ways to be part of Team Steve.

Startup Advisory Work

There’s no handbook for how you start a company. It takes a vision, drive, and resources.  I don’t mean money, though you’ll need some of that too. You need someone inside, who can give you straight feedback, and clear options. For the right product, I can be that person for you.

Workforce development

So, you need to hire some talented devs. Where do they come from, how do you vet them, and most importantly what do they want in this changing world of work. I can help you find talent, and not from an add on a job board.

Public Speaking

So, you’ve got folks coming to a big event. Or you want to inspire your executive team. The future is amazing, and there are twists and turns ahead. I can take audiences on a journey they’ll never forget – and leave them excited about the opportunities and challanges that lie ahead.

Thought Leadership

I’m not a futurist – i’m a change agent. Though leadership is about asking big questions and then getting people engaged in being part of the solution. Using a design thinking framework – I can bring people into a shared solution for innovation and change.

Podcasts, Blogs, and Social Media – we’re makers and listeners

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